1. What requirements does Rapid Re-housing have in order to apply?

    Referrals must be homeless according to HUD guidelines.

  2. Is the Protective Payee Service a requirement to enter the program?

    No, the Protective Payee Service is a service Tabor offers that benefits the applicant in obtaining housing. If there are any past evictions, criminal history, credit issues, or any other housing barriers that prevents the applicant from obtaining housing, this service provides a way to break down the housing barriers with potential landlords and ishighly recommended. When the applicant enters the program they will be have intensive budget accountability through this service so they can save money to obtain housing quickly. The Protective Payee Service provides the applicant the ability to get a handle on their finances so they can obtain housing despite their housing barriers. The length of time the applicant has to use the protective payee service within the program will be determined in conjunction with their landlord or until they graduate from the program.

  3. Can an applicant enter this program to receive budget counseling services only and wait to obtain housing until he/she is ready?

    No, this program is mandated by their funding source to assist the applicant in receiving permanent housing placement services as soon as they are open in the program. Budget counseling services are offered alongside housing relocation services to help the applicant to obtain housing & to assure that the applicant can successfully maintain permanent housing.

  4. How long does it take for the Rapid Re-housing case manager to obtain permanent housing for an applicant?

    For most applicants, barring any unforeseen housing barriers, it takes less than 2 months to locate suitable, long-term permanent housing.

  5. Will the applicant's Rapid Re-housing case manager help the applicant find housing other then long-term permanent housing?

    No; the Rapid Re-housing case manager's job is to find for applicants long-term permanent housing with a lease.

  6. Will the applicant be able to leave the program after they are housed?

    No. When an applicant signs up for the program they are committing to the landlord they will receive ongoing housing and budget counseling services from Tabor's Rapid Re-housing program for 6 - 12 months. Withdrawing from the program could potentially jeopardize their housing unless the withdrawal is agreed upon with the landlord.

  7. Does the Rapid Re-housing program provide Section 8 voucher?

    NO. The Lancaster City and County Housing Authorities provides Section 8 vouchers (see Helpful Links to connect to their sites).

  8. Does the Rapid Re-housing program provide rental assistance?

    Generally no,The Rapid Re-housing program generally provides housing and budget counseling services only. Rental assistance may be provided on a limited basis according to contract.