How YOU can help?

Dear friends,

So much that is familiar in our lives has changed these past few weeks as we all adjust to the new reality of COVID-19. Most of our services are now being offered remotely through the phone and web. So many people we care about have found their place of business closed and their wages lost. These adjustments are necessary to slow the epidemic and keep each other safe but they are nevertheless very taxing on us all.

But a few things that are so important have not changed:

  • We still need to connect with one another

  • And we still want to help people who are struggling

While every American is now being asked to sacrifice to fight the pandemic, we are especially worried about our neighbors who will be hardest hit. Those individuals and families who are unsheltered or living in shelter. Those workers who despite their efforts were living paycheck to paycheck. We humbly ask for your help to support them now.

Here are some ways you can help:

Client Assistance Funds

Client assistance funds are needed because a number of our program participants are out of work or their hours have been cut drastically. These funds are used for a wide variety of essentials as people work on a path beyond homelessness: medication, parking, formula, phone bills, transportation/bus passes, etc.

*Please type in 'Client Assistance Funds' in the 'Which program would you like to donate to?' box

Needs List

We are in current need of sleeping bags and hand warmers for our Community Homeless Outreach Worker to give to those who cannot access shelter, due to restrictions, and are living in the street. We have set up our Amazon Wish List so you can donate and have it delivered to our office.

Fabric Masks

Our staff at TLC and clients are in need of masks to wear to protect themselves in the event someone gets sick. If you have masks at home from past home projects, please consider donating those. If you are a sewer, we can use your help too! According to the CDC, fabric masks are not a substitute for the N-95 masks, but they acceptable in times of crisis for individuals not providing clinical care. The recommendations are to use cotton knit t-shirt material with sheets with a flannel interfacing (a nonwoven interfacing is better still). There are also instructions online for turning vacuum bags into face masks. Please e-mail when you have a batch of masks made and we can arrange a pick up. Any surplus of masks will be donated to fellow homeless shelters and/or a local health center.

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