"and that's ok!"

It’s funny how parenthood changes you. You look at things like the moon or a lightning bug with fresh eyes. You’re completely unfazed when you pull into work and discover you’ve got spit up on your button down and yogurt prints on your khakis. And what passes as pop culture in your world seriously shifts.

I can’t tell you how many times I find myself humming a tune from my daughter’s favorite show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, instead of whatever is hot on the top 40 list. Daniel Tiger and his pals often sing little lessons about how they’re feeling. One of my daughter’s current favorites is “sometimes you have two feelings at the same time and that’s ok,” or as she likes to say it, “Sooometiiiimes and that’s okkkkkk!”

There’s a lot of wisdom in that little earworm. It’s a perfect synopsis of how we all – adults and kiddos alike - feel during times of transition, perhaps especially in this end-of-summer/back-to-school rush of early fall. We might be both scared and excited about what’s next. And when little ones are involved, you both worry – and hope – more.

I felt this sentiment echoed in the story about Corinne and her family and their sense of loss after losing their home, coupled with a feeling of welcome and caring at TLC. And then their growing hopefulness when things started working out in their favor thanks to their efforts and the support of their fellow participants and staff at TLC.

And I can relate to having two feelings at the same time regarding an important leadership decision for TLC. As you know from the last newsletter, Roger Steffy has served as the Interim Division Manager here since mid-April. Effective September 1, Roger will become the full-time Director of TLC. He is the right fit to lead the programs and services TLC offers. During his tenure, Roger has demonstrated his commitment to the wellbeing of the program participants, his acumen for developing the leadership of the staff, and an ability to balance multiple priorities. So why two feelings? Well, his work supporting all Tabor programs previously as our VP of Programs will come to an end…but he brings a broad perspective that will ensure the collaborative, caring approach of TLC will continue.

We are blessed with a talented team, dedicated volunteers, and committed supporters who help create the environment where families like Corinne can start planning for brighter futures. I know we can walk alongside even more families this school year. This fall we’ll have a chance to take our giving to new heights the night of the ExtraGive with the Camp Out for Homelessness at Clipper Magazine Stadium. You’ll probably be tired, cold, and also having fun and making a difference…“and that’s ok!” I hope you’ll join me there!

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