A Brighter Future

Earlier this year, Nicole was arrested and spent four months in prison. Her father had recently passed away, and she admittedly didn’t make the best decisions.

Fortunately, a chaplain at Lancaster County Prison recommended Beth Shalom to her, thinking that it would be a good fit and beneficial for both her and her children’s futures. Nicole applied, was accepted, and upon her release, moved into Beth Shalom.

Today, Nicole is willing to do whatever she can to provide a better life for her children. Not having her children with her every day has been exceptionally difficult, but fortunately, she is able to regularly see them and is working hard to be permanently reunited with them.

Nicole sees that her daughter who is now five years old is able to understand, in a simple way, what happened earlier this year. In looking toward a brighter future, she doesn't want her children to just see the mistakes she has made, but she wants to be deeply involved in their lives as a loving, caring, and compassionate example to them as they grow up under her care.

At Beth Shalom, Nicole is receiving counseling and attending parenting classes. She is thankful for the direction to resources and information that are guiding her toward her goal of being permanently reunited with her children.

Through learning life skills, attending Bible study, and with the care and support that she is receiving, Nicole is determined and on a path to be the best mother to her children.

What are your current goals?

• Quickly find a job

• Continue to actively work on being reunited with my children

• Pay all of my bills on time

• Be financially and emotionally stable

What advice would you give to someone in your situation?

• Reach out, there is so much help

• Make better choices with friends

• Remove toxic people from your life

What would you like people to know about you?

Since coming to Beth Shalom, I have opened myself up more spiritually and religiously than I ever have before. I’ve had a lot of issues with that since my dad died in December. I was angry for a really long time, and I am working through that. The ladies who do the Bible study are a really great help with that right now.

Beth Shalom's, a program of Tabor Community Services, mission is to end prison recidivism by providing a comprehensive Christian interim housing program for single mothers leaving prison, where they can reunite with their children and be empowered with the skills and opportunities necessary for long-term self-sufficiency.

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