Housing Location Specialist

Andrea Grill has served as a Housing Location Specialist with the Community Housing Solutions (CHS) program, which is a program of the Lancaster County Homelessness Coalition, operated by Tabor Community Services.

“As a Housing Location Specialist, I have the opportunity to work closely with individuals and families seeking housing, and with landlords and property managers. Experiencing the process from both sides makes my position unique and exciting.

Clients come to me with few to many housing challenges; no client’s story is the same. Upon meeting with a client/family the first time, I gather information through conversations with them. I seek to understand the whole picture, including rental history, credit history and income, as well as the story of their own journey and their hopes for the future. This information allows me to guide them in finding landlords that will be a good match for their situation.

Working with so many landlords over the last four years has given me a glimpse into the landlord and property management world. This has allowed me to get a better understanding of the landlords’ needs and concerns when searching for permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness.

My position allows me to see the very special time after the lease is signed, which landlords and property managers may or may not see. It is in this moment that I am reminded why I do this every day. This is when the individual or family realizes they can leave their bags, papers and “stuff” right there, with no need to drag things to the next place. They realize this is their new home, the place their kids can feel safe and where they can sleep in peace. We thank you, our partnering landlords, for always being so willing to make these moments happen for our clients.

I have learned so much in this position, a lot of which I can attribute to many property managers and landlords teaching me. You are always willing to educate me, whether it’s on rental laws and regulations, information about the latest extermination trends, or the do’s and don’ts of home maintenance. I am grateful to you, and to have the opportunity to do this meaningful work.”

Community Housing Solutions (CHS) provides housing search and advocacy services to those experiencing housing barriers in Lancaster County. CHS partners with Rapid Re-Housing programs in the County to house their clients quickly. We also partner with area landlords to fill their units in a quick and efficient way and without having to advertise openings.

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