The Beginning of my Journey

Bianca’s addiction to prescription drugs led to her incarceration in West Chester. Upon her release, she participated in a drug and alcohol treatment program in Lancaster which offers inpatient recovery services to women with children.

Even though Bianca knew nothing about Lancaster, and had no friends or family in Lancaster, she decided she needed a new start. While completing this program, she learned about Beth Shalom, a Christian-based transitional housing program of Tabor Community Services for women exiting prison where she and her six-year-old son would be reunited. Her prayers were answered, and Bianca was accepted into Beth Shalom.

She felt God was telling her, ‘This is what you need to do, Bianca, to get a foundation and make a new life’. She admits God had given her other opportunities, but “this time was different. I was desperate, spiritually bankrupt, and open to change. I am willing to make the necessary changes to make a new life for my son and me.”

Fear was Bianca’s biggest obstacle. “I needed to get accustomed to the caring and generosity of others, trusting that people truly care about my wellbeing.”

Although Bianca has not been at Beth Shalom very long, she already loves the program. Her favorite part of the program is meeting with Miss Martha and Miss Donna, volunteers who lead a Bible study every Monday. “I can share with them, and I’m never judged. Miss Lenara is a blessing, helping me get back on my feet, pointing me in a new direction in my journey on a spiritual path.”

Finding her own church and attending CareerLink to earn her GED are goals that Bianca has already set for herself. One day she would like to work with the elderly and perhaps be an activities coordinator at a nursing home. She hopes that her son will become a strong, God fearing, respectable, and educated man. With the changes she is making in her life, she is confident she will be a good role model for him.

While Bianca realizes she has obstacles to overcome, she says “This is the beginning of my journey. My goal is to become a better Bianca and help others the way I have been helped at Beth Shalom.”

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