Setting High Goals

When Marilyn graduated from high school, she enrolled in cosmetology school, graduated and was licensed as a cosmetologist. For 30 years she worked in that field, but developed spinal issues and moved on to other jobs.

With Marilyn’s health declining, she had several surgeries and her caregiver Lenell cared for her. In April 2018, Lenell passed away unexpectedly, and Marilyn had a breakdown. During her recovery, she met Teresa, coordinator with Tabor’s supportive services. This program helps residents with whatever they may need while maintaining their independence.

Marilyn told Teresa of an off chance meeting with WGAL's Meredith Jorgenson. Marilyn told Meredith that she dreamed of being a news reporter one day. Meredith encouraged her, and she decided to pursue the goal of a career in journalism.

With Teresa’s help, a few months later Marilyn completed the paperwork and applied to FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) and PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Association). She took HACC placement tests, did well and was accepted as a part-time student.

Going back to school with health issues can be a daunting task. However, Marilyn is determined and says, “I’m proud, and I’m going to do this.” Teresa says, “She is a model to me of setting high goals and striving to achieve them. It’s never too late.”

Tabor provides supportive services at six Community Basics, Inc. (CBI) locations and Dial Apartments, which is a property of NDC Real Estate Management, Inc. CBI and NDC provides affordable housing for families and individuals in the Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. The primary objective of our supportive service coordinators is to help residents stay independent in their home and help them with anything they may need.

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