Still Has Hope

A serious accident, severe health issues, addiction to pain medication, giving up a child for adoption, receiving a cancer diagnosis, loss of housing, and abuse are only a few of the challenges that Sabrina has faced over the past several years. But with her unrelenting spirit, she continues on with hope for her future.

At 18, Sabrina was critically injured in a car accident. During her six-month recovery, she became addicted to her pain medications. Over the next several years, she developed serious health issues and eventually had nowhere to live. She had a daughter, but she knew that she couldn’t provide the life that her daughter needed, so she made the difficult decision to give her up for adoption.

Living on the streets, she met her boyfriend and shortly after moved in with him. She had a son and another daughter. Her boyfriend later became abusive. Sabrina was severely ill and admitted herself into a medical and rehabilitation center. She then made the brave decision to end the cycle of abuse in her life. Spending a few days at another shelter in Lancaster, she was referred to the Domestic Violence Shelter where she lived for a period of time.

Sabrina later reached out to Tabor where she received housing search and advocacy services, gained a better understanding of how to manage her finances, and was supported with case management as she worked on her journey toward a self-sufficient life.

Even with her current diagnosis of cancer, she continues working at a local grocery store and anticipates being reunited with her son and daughter in the next few months. Andrea, her case manager at Tabor says, “Sabrina worked hard for what she got. She never gave up and kept on going.”

For her children, Sabrina wants them to “grow roots, have a safe home and stability in their lives, something I never had before.” For herself, she will be applying to LHOP (Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership) to fulfill her dream of homeownership.

Today, Sabrina:

  • Celebrates over five years of sobriety

  • Knows that she can provide a safe and caring place for her children

  • Manages her personal finances

  • Has a plan to achieve her dream of homeownership

  • Has hope for her children's future

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