Tabor's New Chapter (Part 2)

Continuation of Tabor's New Chapter, read here.

In last week's blog post I talked about who I am, why I came to Tabor, and my goals for my first year. Here is a continuation of the post detailing some of my highlights so far!

Third, what are some of the highlights of my time at Tabor?

  • I had a chance to sit down with Justin, an army vet who was a former resident of TLC/Veterans’ Victory House (VVH), and hear more about his story. After serving two tours in combat zones, he struggled back at home, eventually winding up homeless in a rural part of the county for two years. Thanks to the support of TLC/VVH staff, Justin was able to move into his own apartment, get a car, and is now planning to open a bakery that could potentially employ other vets who’ve experienced homelessness.

  • In October the Lancaster County Association of Realtors achieved an extraordinary milestone: more than $500,000 raised over thirty years for TLC! Support like theirs enables Tabor to continue running the only shelter in the county that allows families of all kinds to stay together during a period of homelessness.

  • In November our Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center was recognized by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) as the recipient of the 2018 Financial Education & Coaching Award. This award is given every two years to an agency that “displays the effectiveness of providing the financial education early in the homeownership process, and that continues the relationship with the client to ensure that the clients’ goals are successfully achieved.” In addition, Financial Counselor Yvonne Zeiset was recognized as a winner of the Best Housing Counseling Specialist Award, an award that “recognizes counselors who provide value-added housing counseling services to their clients and who consistently achieve meaningful housing-related outcomes.” This is an incredible testament to the hard work of our entire BFEC staff and volunteers!

  • As part of this year’s ExtraGive, a dedicated team of Tabor staff and their families camped out in the garage of our Eastern Market building to raise awareness about homelessness and promote peer-to-peer fundraising. Not only did it contribute towards a record-breaking year in the ExtraGive for Tabor, TLC, and Beth Shalom with more than $103,000 raised, but we also bonded as a team. Most importantly, we gained a deeper appreciation for the physical and mental hardship that the families and individuals we serve in our Housing and Rental Counseling and TLC programs face when they lose their home and are trying to get back into a stable place to live.

I am filled with gratitude that I am Tabor’s new president. I want to keep you updated on my experience here, so look for future blog posts from me every month! If you have questions or feedback, feel free to email me at

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