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As a 28-year-old mother of two, Karen found herself in a difficult situation. With no financial or emotional support, living in her car, she was experiencing homelessness. During this period of time, her children’s father cared for their two sons. Fortunately, Karen heard about and called 2-1-1 where she was referred to CHART (Community Homeless Assessment and Referral Team), which Tabor operates for the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness. CHART provides standardized assessments and referrals for people experiencing homelessness.

Through CHART, Karen was referred to Tabor’s Rapid Re-housing Program where she was provided with relocation assistance from her caseworker, Desiree. Motivated to improve her current situation, Karen quickly found an apartment for herself and her sons.

"My fondest memory was when Karen paid her rent for the first time. She was so excited and proud and took ownership of all the challenges she faced." - Desiree, Tabor Case manager

Until recently, Karen was employed as a personal care aide; unfortunately her position was downsized. She is determined to find another job and says, "I do not plan to rely on unemployment compensation to pay my bills. I'm going to find another job where I can work with those in need of love and care."

Of Tabor and their programs, Karen says, “Tabor gives everyone an opportunity; they listen. They are dedicated.”

Looking toward her future, Karen's goals include becoming a CNA (certified nursing assistant), taking care of her family’s needs, and becoming a homeowner before she is 30 years old. “When I'm prepared to be a homeowner, Desiree suggested I contact LHOP (Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership)." LHOP offers a homebuyer education course that prepares people for the process of purchasing a home, and what to expect as a new home owner. To qualify for a down payment/closing cost assistance loan, prospective buyers are required to complete the Homebuyer Education Program offered by LHOP. Karen is to accept her responsibility to receive the support she needs to achieve her goal of homeownership.

To Tabor supporters Karen says, “Thank you! Without your help, I don’t know where I would be today. You are all a blessing to those of us who have fallen on hard times. You help us find our way back into a life as productive citizens."

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