Farewell with a Grateful Heart

I expect this to be the last column I write for this newsletter as Tabor’s President. As you know, I’ll be retiring from my position this fall, and as I approach this transition in my life, I find myself both deeply grateful and very confident about Tabor’s future.

I have been blessed to be associated with Tabor for nearly 12 years. I have never been more rewarded personally and gratified by the work I have done in the course of my career. Nor have I ever enjoyed and felt more at home than in my time at Tabor. For the rest of my life I will be grateful for the opportunity I had to be part of this wonderful organization.

As for my confidence in Tabor’s future, I am very happy to report to you that the ingredients of its success over the past 50 years are very alive and well today and ready to be mixed for continuing success in the years to come. The mission to help people meet challenges they face with housing and personal finances is more relevant today than ever, and it is one with which so many can identify and support. The approach to helping people develop knowledge and skills so they can learn to help themselves is the most effective way to assist them in making long-lasting changes in their lives. It is also a philosophy that attracts the support of many friends.

We have a great staff – skilled and devoted to helping their clients and flexible in adapting to their changing needs and taking advantage of new opportunities to serve them. Tabor has a broad and diverse base of support – many donors, businesses, churches, foundations and government agencies – which makes it possible to fulfill its mission. And perhaps most fundamental, Tabor still has a sense of calling to serve people who need help, a calling that has been its foundation since it was established 50 years ago.

And so I bid you farewell with a grateful heart and certain in my belief that Tabor can continue to be a rich resource for so many in Lancaster County for years to come.

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