A Calling to Help Others

It is natural to reflect as well as celebrate on the occasion of Tabor’s 50th anniversary; 50 years is a long time by any standard. In my time here, I have read and often thought about our history because I believed understanding it and the things that have made Tabor’s development and success possible over the years would help reveal clues that could be ingredients for its future success.

Among the many factors that have contributed to Tabor’s success – its mission, our staff and their approach to helping people, the support of so many individuals, businesses, churches, foundations and government agencies – I have come to believe the sense of calling to help others who are struggling that our founders had, and which lives on today in the organization, has been perhaps the most fundamental. Whether what calls us to serve is rooted in our religious faith or moral convictions, having a calling to something bigger than ourselves and our self-interests gives us motivation, guidance, commitment and persistence.

The calling Tabor followed in 1968, and which it still has in 2018, has in many ways been our heart and soul. It has sustained us through thick and thin, and I don’t think we would be where are today without it.

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