The Road to Home

Shanea is a single mother of two children, Miracle, 6 years old, and Andre, 2 years old. She lived with her aunt and children in a house, but in October 2017 she was shocked to find an eviction notice on the front door. Without any warning, her aunt had already left. Shanea had to leave and find a place to live.

With no one in her family able to help her, Shanea paid her babysitter to keep the children during the day and sleep in her home at night. However, Shanea could not stay there. At this time she had a job working nights with dementia patients, and there were nights were she could sleep at work. During the day she was able to spend time with her children. When unable to sleep at work, she was on the streets at night. As long as her children were warm with a place to sleep, Shanea persevered.

One day Shanea noticed a sign on the door of a Turkey Hill store “NEED HELP? … Call 211”. She called, and after explaining her circumstances, she was told someone would be in touch with her. A few days later Shanea received a call from Gladys, a caseworker at Tabor’s CHART program (Community Homeless Assessment and Referral Team) that provides referrals to those experiencing homelessness. After her assessment with CHART, she was then referred to Sonya, a case worker with STIL (Shelter to Independent Living (STIL) program. STIL helps families experiencing homelessness to find and maintain permanent housing, becoming self- sufficient through counseling, education and goal setting. From there Laura from CHS (Community Housing Solutions) began helping Shanea search for a home, and on December 2 she signed the lease for her house.

Shanea is emotional when sharing her story, but says, “I want to let others know how much Tabor has helped me, and how much I appreciate the donors who contribute to Tabor. I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d be doing today if it weren’t for Tabor”.

With Tabor’s help, Shanea has made many changes. She now works full-time at Walmart and is excited about the possibility of growth in the company, is presently in the process of getting her driver’s license and plans to purchase a car. She is stronger, independent and has faith in herself. She knows where to go for help when needed and is grateful to Tabor for their role in moving her from homelessness to providing a safe, warm home for her and her children.

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