Passing It On

After emigrating from Lima, Peru, as a single woman with no family and few belongings, Luisa lived in New York City for 14 years. In 2009 she moved to Lancaster, and a year later became a citizen of the United States, working full-time as a seamstress.

When Luisa was unemployed for over a year, she paid her bills with credit cards. As her debts became unmanageable, she spoke to an acquaintance who suggested she contact Tabor Community Services.

Having a dream of starting a business, Luisa enrolled in a debt management plan through Tabor’s Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center and was debt-free in five years. She also completed Tabor’s Matched Savings Program.

Luisa also worked with another local non-profit, ASSETS, which is instrumental in helping first-time business owners and enabled Luisa to achieve her goal.

Her business, My Peruvian Treasures, sells fairly-traded hand-made knitted or crocheted goods. She has created new opportunities for Peruvian artisans supplying products to her business. This is important to Luisa, as she is contributing to artisans in Peru who are paid fair, living wages.

Luisa credits Tabor for giving her the tools and support to succeed. “They go the extra mile, and they see the potential of their clients,” she says.

To Tabor’s supporters, Luisa says “Thank you. It’s amazing to me that the donors are willing to help others they don’t even know. Their gift of love has been a life-changing experience. They give many of us another chance and the opportunity to change the course of our life.”

Luisa would like others to know that her future goal is developing a program to teach women skills to become financially independent, as she has done.

My Peruvian Treasures Info: Phone: (717) 826-8312 Email: Website: Etsy Store: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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