2018 Tabor Award Winners

Every year, we honor different categories of clients, volunteers, and a partner for their outstanding efforts, significant contributions, and hard work. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories with us. Your stories, your courage, your hard work makes us so proud to be a part of Tabor. And we are delighted with your accomplishments.

Clients of the Year - Award Criteria

Award winners are clients who made difficult decisions in taking responsibility for their housing and financial health. They made sacrifices and significant changes in their lives to meet their obligations and move toward housing and financial stability. Against all odds, they demonstrated important personal growth and took responsibility for their situation and are moving toward self-sufficiency.

Financial Counseling Recipient - Gina Baum (Nominated by Randi Shober)

Overwhelmed with credit card debt, Gina decided to come to Tabor. The staff at Tabor's Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center were able to work with Gina's creditors to have her interest rates reduced. Today, she knows that she can't always just buy what she wants and has a reasonable and achievable budget. She has removed unnecessary expenses and looks for cheaper alternatives for the needs that she does have. Through the process, Gina has learned some difficult lessons, but is now prepared for a future of financial self-sufficiency.

Homebuyer Recipient - Melonia Bond (Nominated by Diahann Beattie)

Melonia had a goal of homeownership, but also knew that she didn't have the knowledge or resources necessary to purchase a home. She first received credit counseling at Tabor and then participated in Tabor's First-time Homebuyer Program. Her biggest obstacle was improving her credit to be able to borrow responsibly, getting a reasonable and affordable interest rate. Melonia really valued the face-to-face interactions that she had with Tabor's counselors, where she would receive support directly related to her specific needs. Melonia learned that through hard work, dreams can be achieved.

Housing Counseling Recipients - Mandy Caine & Jafar Ardi (Nominated by Sonya Cirilo)

Mandy and Jafar found themselves living out of their car; they were experiencing homelessness. In coming to Tabor, they were provided with the information and support needed to connect to resources, better manage their finances, and were assisted in finding a place to live. They appreciated the clarity in direction for what steps were necessary to take in order to achieve their goal of permanent housing. They also knew that in order to be successful, it would be a lot of work on their part, which they were definitely willing to do. Looking back at their situation, Jafar recounts, "The only people who would help us the way Tabor helped us is family, if they could. It has just been a blessing, and we wouldn't be here right now without Tabor."

Landlord of the Year - Award Criteria

The award winner is a local landlord who ensures the well-being of tenants by maintaining safe, affordable housing and treating tenants with dignity and respect. This landlord has taken risks in renting to families experiencing homelessness, has made concessions for them and is diligent in responding to needs.

Joy Hass (Nominated by Tabor’s Community Housing Solutions Team)

In 2012, Joy was approached by Guy Boyer, Tabor's Community Homeless Outreach Worker, on behalf of a client who was looking for safe and affordable housing. That client is still a tenant of Joy's today. Joy values Tabor's partnership because she believes in the core principles that guide Tabor's work. She wants to help provide individuals and families with a good place to live and through the process, give them a hand up, and not a hand out.

Volunteers of the Year - Award Criteria

This award winner is a person, group, or organization that has committed their time and made a significant contribution to Tabor’s mission. They have been a model in following through with commitments, volunteering with excellence, and demonstrating concern and respect for Tabor’s clients and their efforts.

Tabor Development Volunteers (Nominated by Tabor’s Development Team)

Tabor's Development Volunteers have been serving for many years in a variety of functions. Every newsletter, appeal letter mailing, and fundraising event wouldn't be possible without their help. We are incredibly thankful for everything that they do for us here at Tabor.

Click the video to watch our 2018 Tabor Banquet Award Video .

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