Continuing the Legacy

When Lucy Mannix moved to Lancaster from Brooklyn, she was interested in volunteering and came to Tabor Community Services. In less than a year, she started working full-time at Tabor and stayed for 16 years until her retirement last year.

Lucy was inspired to make a planned gift to Tabor because of her interaction with clients and staff at Tabor. “I know the work Tabor does for the community, I saw how peoples’ lives were improved because they were able to use Tabor’s services and resources. These clients weren’t given a gift. With 18 programs and the help of their counselors, they took the steps needed to become independent. Some moved from homelessness to shelters and then to permanent housing. Others learned how to manage their money, pay off debts and improve their financial stability. Some became homeowners for the first time.”

Lucy decided to make a planned gift in the form of an IRA with Tabor being one of the beneficiaries. It was an easy process. Another motivation is “I know it will be good for Tabor and the community.”

To someone considering a planned gift to Tabor, Lucy says, “It’s a great place to give in any way you can. If you’re able to make a planned gift, it’s a great way for the organization to maintain its sustainability. I can depend on them to do what is needed, even as needs change.”

Even though Lucy was reluctant to talk about herself, she says, Tabor’s 50 for 50 campaign (Tabor’s campaign for 50 planned gifts by Tabor’s 50th anniversary in May) and being a member of The Grace Wenger Society makes her feel “special.” “It’s a great way to honor Grace Wenger’s legacy.”

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