Their Calling Gave Direction

Tabor’s 50th anniversary has prompted me to reflect, as I often have since I’ve been here, on the things that have accounted for Tabor’s longevity and success in serving people. Certainly among them are the dedicated and skilled staff we have been fortunate to have over the years. Their commitment and abilities in helping clients are what have made such a big difference in so many lives. The availability of funding through government agencies and Tabor’s decision early in its history to seek it also laid the groundwork for what became longstanding partnerships and support from them. Tabor’s founders and leaders in its early years also played a critical role in establishing a foundation on which the organization would grow. To be sure, they were women and men attuned to the challenges of their times and willing to use skills they had to address them. Troubled by the poverty and racial discrimination in housing they saw in Lancaster in the 1960’s, they applied their knowledge of business and real estate to these problems in order to help people obtain housing who might otherwise have been unable to do so. Our founders and early leaders were also people with vision for the ways in which Tabor could develop that guided the organization’s formative years.

One factor, however, played what our historical records indicate was the primary driving force behind Tabor’s founding and what I believe has undergirded Tabor’s work since – the calling the founders believed they had “to work at the problems of poverty and racial discrimination” as they wrote in their founding statement. Rooted in the scriptures, their calling gave direction to the organization’s work, the energy it required and determination to persist in the face of setbacks. And that enduring commitment sustains Tabor’s work to this day.

If you are interested in attending Tabor's 50th Golden Jubilee Fundraising Banquet, RSVP here.

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