Keeping the Faith for a Better Life

Angel was in a long-term relationship that ended. He left their home with only the clothes on his back. Experiencing homelessness, Angel lived on the streets for two months. While living on the streets, he was gifted two Bibles. He kept one for himself and gave the other to a homeless friend who also was filled with faith and hope. Angel’s sister Edna suggested that he go to Tabor Community Services for help.

He met Jackie, a housing counselor with the Rapid Re-Housing Program at Tabor. In this program clients receive relocation assistance and case management to end their homelessness.

Jackie completed an intake assessment with Angel who had provided all the documentation needed to apply for the housing process to begin. They discussed subsidized housing, which has a long waiting list. A few days later though, Jackie called Angel to say that he was referred for a Homeless Preference Section 8 voucher. In the interim he met with the Lancaster City Housing Authority and by September was approved to receive the Voucher. Shortly, the voucher was in Angel’s hands, which was the reality that he would be off the streets and have a place of his own to live.

Angel moved into his apartment in November. With Jackie’s help, he is in the process of furnishing his apartment. They meet once a month, and at the present time, Jackie is acting as liaison between Angel and his landlord. The goal is that Angel will be interacting with his landlord in the near future. Angel says, “People look at the homeless and sometimes think they live on the streets because they are drug addicts or alcoholics. But that’s not true. When I left my relationship, it was the most difficult decision I had ever made in my life. But I had to do it. I never thought I would be living on the streets.”

Angel has a deep faith, and he is grateful to God for the many blessings in his life. He attends church two or three times a week and has a lot of gratitude in his heart. Jackie calls Angel, “a gentle giant who praised God through all his challenges”. She refers to scripture, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

To others who have been in Angel’s situation, he says, “Have faith, pray and never give up!”

When sharing his thoughts about Tabor and their donors, he says, “They are a blessing for the community. They give new hope and new life for so many, and they will be blessed as well.”

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