Opening the Door to Home & Safety

Tina was stuck in an abusive marriage. She knew she did not want to bring children into the relationship. It took 16 years for her to be at a place where she could leave and she eventually found shelter at Clare House. They referred her to Tabor in October 2012 and she began working with Jackie, Tabor’s Shelter to Independent Living case manager, to find her own housing.

On December 1, she moved into her own one bedroom apartment. “It’s a great feeling to open that door and know that it is home and that it is safe,” Tina exclaims. She is currently working on saving, paying her rent, establishing good credit and staying ahead of her expenses.

Working part-time at two retail jobs, she was able to build up her savings by working extra hours over the holidays. Employers appreciate her hard working attitude and her goal now is to obtain full-time employment. Tina is also developing friendships and socializing. She explains, “A support system of friends is something that I never dreamed I would have in my life.”

“When women are in situations that I’ve been in, they have no hope,” Tina confides. “I want people to know that there is help. The important thing is to reach out to others. Don’t think that you can’t do any better … because you can. And once you get out, you’ll find a whole new world out there that is even better than you imagined.”

Jackie has only good things to say about Tina. “I appreciate her humbleness and her positive spirit. Tina is a good steward of her money, she voluntarily hands me her receipts as a way of showing accountability. She doesn’t spend money frivolously. Each time I talk to her, she is so very thankful for all the support she’s received. She deserves a big thumbs up!”

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