Hollie's Story

Hollie is a single veteran who received assistance from Tabor’s homelessness prevention services. Her problems began when her roommate moved out and left her with a lot of bills. Then she lost her job. She hung in there for a year, but finally turned to Tabor when there was no other place to go. She was familiar with Tabor from her former job. She was also developing medical issues that required hospitalization and eventually led to her receiving non-military disability from the VA.

“Tabor helped until I could get the disability,” she says. “Tabor helped me to keep my apartment … they helped me survive. I worked all my life, then all of a sudden I was out of a job and behind on bills. My case manager was counseling me to see it I could afford the apartment. Tabor helped me hang in there until the disability came through.”

Hollie is still working with her physicians on her medical issues. “I would like to go back to work, but I have to resolve these medical problems first. I would definitely recommend Tabor. My case manager was wonderful–so helpful–she explained everything to me.”

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