Finding The Right Home

December 6, 2017

Hikmat is a TSS (Therapeutic Support Staff), providing counseling to children. Three years ago, she needed a place to live for herself and her two children. A friend told her about the different programs that Tabor offers. Working with our Shelter to Independent Living program, she found an apartment for her family. But she wanted more for her family and hoped to have her own home in a good school district.

With that dream of owning her own home, she enrolled in Tabor’s Matched Savings Account program and began with Tabor’s First-Time Homebuyer counseling. “Saving the money for the house was not so hard,” says Hikmat. “The biggest challenge was finding the house I wanted. I didn’t need a big house, just a nice, quiet neighborhood in a good school district that I could afford.


Tabor helped with looking for houses, providing names of realtors and the secrets of buying a house … what to look for.” Her financial counselor reports, “Hikmat was determined to improve her financial situation. She took full advantage of the counseling and savings match that Tabor offered. She kept her expenses low and saved every penny she could. The hard work paid off.”


Her kitchen and family area are neat and clean. One can see she takes pride in her space. “I plan to make the house more beautiful. It needs work, keeping the yard in good shape, etc.”


“I hope my children enjoy the school. I hope they get a good education – that is why we moved.


“I told many people about Tabor, not only for buying a house, but for the education classes. That was very helpful to me ... learning about budgeting and credit. And they have classes in the morning and evening which is good for people who are working.”


“If you work very hard and are willing, you will get what you want,” concludes Hikmat. “It’s a big dream to have a home, but you have to work really hard for it. It’s not only saving money, it’s finding the right house. You have to be patient. It’s easy to get frustrated. You have to keep reminding yourself of the benefits.


“It’s a beautiful thing, having your own home.”

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