Taking Charge of Your Finances

“I went to Tabor when I wanted to buy a house. I didn’t get the house, but I got a lot of good information that I could use when I was ready to buy. That was 30 years ago – I was 25 years old. Since then I bought my house, sold it, and now I have a nice house in Mountville.

Sandi, who works at the Harrisburg Pike Post Office in Lancaster was happy to tell her story when she saw the mail being dropped off was from Tabor, “Tabor is a great organization. I can’t say enough about it.

“I always knew how to budget, but Tabor taught me to include items I wouldn’t have thought about. They taught me to come up with my own amount that I could afford and not let the bank tell me what I could afford. It was harder to get a mortgage back then, and I was short $50 per month to qualify for the mortgage I wanted. I took a part- time job to add to my income.”

Has Sandi ever feared foreclosure? “Oh, no!” she responds, “Not with all the stuff I learned at Tabor. They don’t teach you this in school … how to budget, how to handle a checking account, how to buy or budget for a house. The banks won’t teach you this … they expect you to know what you want when you walk in. And the classes are free. I can’t believe everyone doesn’t take advantage of this resource!

“When it was time for my daughter to buy a house, I was able to teach her all the things I learned at Tabor. Tabor is a great organization. I can’t say enough about it.”

It’s always great to hear when a former client is successful. It’s also great to know that the classes that helped Sandi are still being offered at Tabor, free and open to anyone. And the subjects keep expanding. Today, Tabor offers different classes on a regular basis such as "Budgeting: Making a Money Plan that Works", "Banking Basics", and more - partnering with Citizens Bank, Ephrata National Bank, Everence Federal Credit Union, Fulton Bank, MT&T Bank, Northwest Bank, Santander Bank, Sister Love Christian Ministries, Wells Fargo, Woodforest Bank, and sometimes by staff of Tabor Community Services.

Click here to learn more about our financial workshops.

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