Trina's Story

“I was about to be evicted with my three children and was referred to Tabor by United Way. I came to Tabor so that I could become financially self-sufficient … to be able to provide for myself and my children.

“At Tabor I learned how to put my family first and budget my money to avoid eviction and stay financially self-sufficient. I worked with my case manager who helped me by being strict with my spending and my budget. My case manager also provided emotional support and great motivation.

“I have been through a lot of struggles in my lifetime. I am a single mother raising three children and they give me the faith and motivation to live and fight everyday to know what is important to me. I lived in a shelter for a year and a few months back in 2001. I promised my children that I would work extra hard to get us out and I will not allow this to happen to us again. I found out years later that we cannot control everything in our lives.

“Now my goals are to be debt free and buy my first home. I want my children to remain healthy and motivated … to always put God first and to apply themselves 100% to anything they want to accomplish.

“My experience at Tabor was very positive. I would recommend Tabor to anyone who was struggling financially like I was. If it wasn’t for Tabor, I don’t know where I or my children would be today, so I am thankful for Tabor.”

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