Helping Others Help Themselves

Diahann is a financial counselor in the Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center for Lancaster County at Tabor Community Services. But she is so much more than that.

After graduating from high school, Diahann attended college for a year and a half before taking time off. She worked full-time in the business world for 14 years and attended night school during the last five years. Because of her enthusiasm for helping people, a professor suggested Diahann would be a good candidate for a human services career.

Diahann learned of an opening at Tabor, interviewed and accepted a position working in the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program for nine years. During this time she juggled working full time and attending college where she received her associate’s degree. Her story doesn’t end here.

In her early years at Tabor, Diahann’s responsibilities included guiding clients in creating a budget, assisting them in preparing for job interviews, and counseling them in preparation for home ownership. Because Diahann has experienced some of the same issues as her clients, her clients find it easy to relate to her. She continues her responsibilities in pre-purchase counseling and the Matched Savings program. She enjoys meeting new people, working with clients and seeing clients succeed with their goals. “Clients learn there is a different way of life, and they can achieve their goals as long as they are motivated and follow through with what they need to do.”

One of Diahann’s most inspiring stories is a client who was a single, full-time working grandmother who took on the responsibility of raising her four grandchildren when their parents couldn’t. She met with Diahann every month. Because of her commitment and with the guidance of Tabor’s programs, she resolved her credit issues, implemented a budget and became eligible for a mortgage. She then bought a house where she and her grandchildren live today.

Diahann shares her feelings regarding Tabor, saying, “I think Tabor is a wonderful agency. With 20 different programs, it provides support and assistance to many people. Without Tabor, I don’t know where some of our clients would be today.”

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