Small Steps A Day at a Time

Randi is a senior financial counselor in the Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center for Lancaster County (BFEC) at Tabor Community Services.

In her 16 years at Tabor, Randi has taken on many roles in assisting clients in organizing and resolving their debt, learning to use a budget, understanding and building their credit, and applying for benefits.

Everyone is eligible for the services of the BFEC. While some clients are referred by other programs or services, most are referred by someone who has been helped by Tabor’s programs in the past.

The Financial Empowerment Center provides a variety of services that, with the help of certified financial counselors, are designed to equip people with the knowledge and skills they need to resolve their financial challenges and build financial stability for their future.

Randi meets with clients and listens to where they are at that moment, what is happening in their household and helps them explore how best to “transition from here to where they want be.” Some clients need only one appointment, but financial counselors also provide ongoing coaching for those who need a more progressive approach to meeting their goal. Some return regularly, wanting to be certain their plan is working and they are achieving success or because they may need further assistance. Clients know Tabor is the place to go when they need help.

Two years ago Randi met a client who came to Tabor because of high credit card debt that impeded her ability to move and grow. An area of growth for her was reducing her debt. They worked together developing a plan, and she would visit Randi periodically to be certain she was on track. She returned two weeks ago and was happy to learn her credit rating has improved dramatically.

Randi says, “Tabor is a unique organization. They know finances play a critical role in sustainability. Many of Tabor’s programs do at least some type of financial assessment to show people potentially where they are. That focus helps clients move in an upward direction as they can see the end result. Tabor takes a larger, more holistic approach to empowering people to improve their financial stability and their lives. Tabor encourages small steps that lead to big progress.”

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