From blessed to blessing others

Paul Currie was on the board of Harb Adult before they changed the name to Transitional Living Center (now TLC Lancaster). As TLC board vice president he led the organization through a successful merger with Tabor Community Services and has continued to serve on Tabor’s board.

Being on the board, Paul was among the first to hear about Tabor’s 50 for 50 campaign to obtain 50 planned gifts by Tabors 50th anniversary in April 2018. Paul and his wife of 30 years, Pam, chose to give their planned gift from their will. Paul says, “It was a very simple form to fill out. Phyllis [Tabor’s VP for Development] was great. It was very easy to do.”

“We have both been blessed with good family, a network of friends and we’ve both had good careers and enjoyed financial security,” explains Pam, who works as a nurse practitioner. “And I’m aware that there can be a fine line between abundance and need.

“Because we were not blessed with children, we feel like this is our chance to make a meaningful contribution to a cause that we feel pretty passionate about. And I also feel that my faith teaches me to share what we have with our brothers and sisters.

“I remember that my first introduction was through TLC and what I was impressed with is that they really worked hard to keep families together and not only did they meet the critical need for housing and life skills, but also the emphasis of providing a place for families.”

Paul adds, “Since I am on the board and know the programs and services that are offered at Tabor and TLC, I am not just hopeful, but have a great belief that these will continue. Tabor does such a great job managing the money that they receive that this is a safe place to share our wealth with and to really have an impact on the community. An impact on the community for people who are trying to get ahead, who are trying to move from a place of struggle to a place of, hopefully, abundance.

“If you want to really help the community, if you want to leave a legacy for yourself or as a couple, a family, this is a great place to do that. Tabor has done so much good for the folks in our community and continues to do so that this is just a perfect opportunity to share your wealth.

“I’ve worked with people over the years,” explains Paul, who has worked many years as successful business coach, “helping them just move beyond where they are today, and that’s exactly what this organization does. Wherever they are and whatever tough times … whatever situation … they find themselves in, we have great people here at Tabor and TLC who are constantly helping these folks move forward.

“It’s a privilege to be part of this campaign ... to be one of the early couples in this campaign. I know the significance that this organization has in the community… has to individuals and to the community at large … and I am really hopeful that this campaign has an impact so that services here at Tabor will continue for at least another 50 years.”

Making a donation to Tabor can be one of life’s greatest joys. By planning your charitable giving, you can make your dollars go further than they would by simply writing a check. If you would like to discuss a planned giving option or want a personal visit please contact Phyllis Stacks, Vice President for Development, Tabor Community Services or e-mail at or calling (717) 358-9383.

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