Goals Becoming Realities

Sophia, a single mother of a 9-year-old daughter, is about to purchase her own home. By her own admission, Sophia was an unruly child. In 8th grade, she was expelled from school and never went back. Living on the streets during the day, working at McDonald’s and staying with friends at night, she decided it was time to take responsibility for her life, so she earned her GED. After working for a period of time, her daughter was born. She returned to work shortly thereafter.

Her employment history includes working as a tire technician at a service center at one location, an inspection mechanic at another, and she is now a store manager in training with the company where she has worked for two years. In September she will interview and test to become a certified manager. She is studying hard and is determined to achieve this goal. A future goal may be to open her own inspection station.

Sophia learned about Tabor from her mother who had attended one of Tabor’s financial workshops. She also contacted LHOP (Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership) who requires first-time homebuyers to receive budget counseling in order to receive assistance. They referred her to Tabor’s Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center for Lancaster County, where she met Diahann, a financial counselor at Tabor. When they met, Sophia had a great deal of debt. Diahann helped her create a plan to reduce her debt and made suggestions to implement the plan. Sophia was asked to return in three months to share her progress. During that time, she could call whenever she had any questions or concerns. Upon returning, Sophia had reached all the goals, and says “Diahann was so proud of me.”

What Sophia likes best about Tabor is that the financial counselors have helped educate her, motivate her, and helped her stay positive. “They keep in touch, ask how you’re doing, are you getting things done, how can I help you? They are available for whatever you need. Tabor has so many different programs, services and workshops that helped me.”

Sophia’s hopes for her daughter are to get a good education, be independent, work hard and be successful. She plans to help her on this journey.

One of Sophia’s biggest obstacles in her life was fear, fear of failure, but that was the past. At the time of this writing, she is purchasing a home for herself and her daughter. The closing date is the end of August. Her mother is coming back to Tabor in a few weeks and has also purchased a home with a settlement date 7 days prior to Sophia’s. They plan on attending Tabor workshops together.

Sophia would recommend Tabor to anyone who needs help pursuing their dream of becoming independent and buying a home. She says, “Go to Tabor. They will help you.”

To Tabor donors, she says, “I appreciate your help. Please continue supporting Tabor so you can continue changing lives, the way you helped me change mine…one person at a time. I am so blessed, and I thank God for every day.”

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