Through Your Support

With last year's fiscal year ending and a new one beginning, our management team has necessarily focused in recent weeks on our operating budget as an organization – both our revenue and expenses. I am pleased to report we ended 2016 – 17 in the black as we have consistently done in past years, and prospects for the 2017–18 budget look good.

Focusing on our budget makes me especially mindful of how important the financial support of Tabor’s many friends is. To be sure, we are deeply grateful for it. Your generosity says so much about your values and personal priorities, and its growth in recent years has been particularly encouraging to the staff.

Those of us who work at Tabor know we are very fortunate to recieve your gifts, and please know we are careful stewards of them. you should know too that without your support our staff could not serve all the people they do every year. In fact, without it we could not even exist as an organization.

But even beyond our gratitude for your support, the most important thing you should know about your gifts is the difference they make in the lives of the people Tabor staff help every day. Individuals and families who have been homeless are able to receive shelter and then return to permanent housing and the security it provides to them. Others learn how to manage their money more effectively, pay off debt and improve their financial stability. Some who aspire to become homeowners for the first time are able to achieve that dream with the counsel of our staff. Still others save for further education that will help them get a better paying job and provide for their children. I urge you to never lose sight of the fact that your gifts help to make all of these things and more possible every day.

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