The Road to Gratitude

Beverly and Barry have faced many hardships, but with Tabor’s support, they are working toward a better life. Their journey still continues to present challenges, but they are grateful for the support that they have received at Tabor and persevere through the trials they face.

Beverly works full-time and is the mother of four. Her 23-year-old son lives with his family in Chambersburg. Her other three sons are 21, 17 and 15. The youngest has an autism diagnosis, and at times presents a challenge for Beverly. Her first son was born when she was 17, the same year she graduated from high school. She had been in and out of foster homes most of her life and lived on her own since she was 14.

At the age of 18, she spent her first night with her mother, who met her grandson for the first time. Her mother passed away in June 2016, and her aunt, who was like a second mother to her, passed away this February. Beverly’s only family is Barry, her four sons and her sister.

About a year ago, Beverly and Barry were living in a house under the same lease with Barry’s grandfather. However, they decided they had to move because Barry and his grandfather had problems in their relationship. Since Beverly and Barry had nowhere to go, they slept in their car for three days. Beverly called 2-1-1 which resulted in a referral to TLC, a program of Tabor where they lived for a month. While there they were offered an opportunity to participate in Tabor’s Hearthside program. With assistance from Andrea, Tabor’s Housing Location Specialist, and Kiyana, their Hearthside case manager, and with Beverly’s initiative contacting landlords regarding apartments for rent, they found a place in Lancaster where they have lived for nearly a year. Andrea was instrumental in explaining the Hearthside program to the landlord and getting approval for Beverly and Barry to rent from month-to-month.

Unfortunately, due to downsizing, Barry recently lost his job. But with Andrea’s and Kiyana’s help, he is currently seeking employment. They let him know when there are job fairs and when local businesses have open positions.

In addition to other trials that they have faced, Beverly was a recent victim of identity theft and was unable to claim their tax refund for ten months. Despite these many challenges that Beverly and Barry have encountered, they still have goals that they plan to achieve. They hope to own a home, and they hope for their two sons, who are still in school, to graduate and attend college.

Because of their past experiences, they both have “big trust issues.” However, they say, “We trust Andrea and Kiyana. They care about us and are part of our family. They make us feel like we are somebody.” Both Beverly and Barry advise people with some of the problems they’ve encountered to “Call Tabor. Andrea and Kiyana really helped us. Without Tabor, I don’t know where we’d be.”

To Tabor’s donors, Beverly says, “Thank you, we appreciate your help. Your donation helps more than you may think it does. I donate to Tabor because we want to help others who need help like we did.”

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