Your Stories, Your Courage, Your Hard Work

This past year Tabor served over 4,600 individuals through 20 different programs and services. Staff work cooperatively with many social service providers and government agencies to assist clients, they utilize volunteers and interns in all of their programs, and their clients have compelling and inspiring stories. Stories of people who with the help of Tabor staff learned how to help themselves, face challenges and in the process, rebuild their lives.

Every year we celebrate the accomplishments and honor the achievements of our clients and the contributions of our partners and staff as Tabor continues serving the Lancaster Community at our annual banquet. Here are our award winners from this years' banquet.

Housing Counseling Client of the Year - Linda Williams enrolled in the Rapid-Rehousing Program in November 15, 2015. Three months later, she signed a lease for a three-bedroom house located in Lancaster city. Linda is currently working towards obtaining a GED, and she has a goal of returning to the work force. Linda’s motivation is a result of life experiences and her desire to make a better life for her and her family.

Financial Counseling Client of the Year - Brian and Emily Patterson felt overwhelmed with credit card debt and didn’t know where to turn. Despite paying more than the minimum balance, their debt wasn’t declining. Their pastor referred them to Tabor. Through financial counseling they created a reasonable and achievable budget that made a huge impact in their lives. Through the process, Brian and Emily were able to pay off $33,743 of debt in 53 months.

First-time Homebuyer Client of the Year - Jayne began working with Tabor in 2009 through a program designated to help families become economically independent and self-efficient. Even during difficult times with limited income, she continued to pay off her debt. Through securing employment, participating in Tabor’s Matched Savings for Tomorrow program, and maintaining a balanced budget, her dream was realized when she purchased her first home.

Landlord of the Year - Darren Neff has been instrumental in helping those experiencing homelessness. He has provided affordable housing for individuals and families. He has shown tremendous patience and compassion for those who need a second, third and sometimes fourth chances. He is willing to overlook many obstacles and challenges that many Tabor clients have.

Housing Partner of the Year - Chestnut Housing Corporation (CHC), a nonprofit ministry of East Chestnut Street mennonite Church, has joined the fight against homelessness by offering affordable rental units in Lancaster city to low-income families who have experienced homelessness. Understanding that their tenants often need support and guidance, in 2010 CHC partnered with Tabor Community Services to best serve their tenants' needs.

Volunteers of the Year - Once a month, Don or Mike meets a truck from the Central PA Food Bank, receives 24 food boxes, and distributes them to seniors living in 7 apartment complexes. They lift, load, drive, unload, and carry boxes to folks who rely on these staples to get through the month. And they do it with smilies, friendly conversation, and engagement that respects and honors the recipients.

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