A Graceful Gift

Dan Hess, currently President of Tabor’s Board of Directors, has been a Board Member since 2008. When Tabor proposed the 50 for 50 campaign to obtain 50 committed planned gifts before Tabor’s 50th anniversary in 2018, Dan and his wife Evanna thought it was a very good idea. They especially liked having those who committed to a planned gift become members of the Grace Wenger Society.

Dan says, ‘This campaign is a great way to invite people in. It respects a history of successful and trustworthy contribution to the community. It’s a great package.”

Dan and Evanna decided to become members of the Grace Wenger Society by making Tabor a beneficiary in their will. “It was a no brainer for us,” says Dan. “We’ve been fans of Tabor for a long time. It seemed normal since we’ve been supporting Tabor on an ongoing basis year in and year out, that it also made sense to consider what we might be able to offer long-term. Our gift is just a small pebble to be added to the stream. It will join the gifts of a very large number of people in the community who are contributing to and caring about the services that Tabor provides for those who need a hand up.”

Evanna adds, “With Dan’s involvement on the board for so many years, I hear a lot about Tabor. We know that people have benefited greatly from Tabor’s services. It’s a program in our community that is well respected and very effective, and we decided it’s important to us to be part of it. So it certainly is an easy decision to make a planned gift.”

The Hess’s have a personal tie to Grace Wenger herself. They were both students of Grace when they were attending Lancaster Mennonite High School. Then when Dan went to Millersville University, Grace was a professor there. “She really was a woman that cut quite an arc for her time … in spite of her time,” remarks Dan. “Not just with her inspiration of Tabor, but who she was as a person, the impression she made on students, her capacity to move in the professional world, which was unusual for a woman from the Mennonite community at that time.”

To anyone considering a planned gift to Tabor, Evanna says, “If you want to make a real difference in your community, for people who have limited resources and are looking for help, and you are concerned about local needs, Tabor is an organization that you should consider because of their reputation and the excellent work that they are known to do.”

Dan adds, “With Tabor’s track record, this is an investment that you can be sure is going to pay off, not only in the present, but into the future.”

Making a donation to Tabor can be one of life’s greatest joys. By planning your charitable giving, you can make your dollars go further than they would by simply writing a check. If you would like to discuss a planned giving option or want a personal visit please contact Phyllis Stacks, Vice President for Development, Tabor Community Services or e-mail at pstacks@tabornet.org or calling (717) 358-9383.

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