Accepting help

May 24, 2017

Reina is a 27-year-old single mother of four, three daughters and one son, Angel who is six years old. Reina spent 11 months in prison for selling drugs. While she was incarcerated, her parents took care of her daughters, but Angel was put in foster care by Children and Youth Services.


When she was released from prison and needed housing, an alternative case worker who was working to reunite Reina with Angel referred Reina to Lenara, Tabor’s Beth Shalom Program Coordinator.


With Lenara’s assistance, Reina enrolled in Beth Shalom. She moved into her apartment on February 19. On February 21 she appeared in court. Because she had housing, she was able to reunite with her three daughters.


She currently has visitation privileges one hour a week with Angel and is working toward reuniting with him. She works full-time, attends church every Sunday, and attends Bible study and Life Skills classes at Beth Shalom and receives budget counseling. Reina is grateful to be part of Beth Shalom’s program. She said,“Not everyone is ready to accept this help, but it’s a good place to live with your family, a safe place, and people accept you and don’t judge you by your past”.

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