A good idea!

“It’s a good idea,” is what Pati Frey would tell someone who was considering making a planned gift to Tabor. “We just believe in what Tabor is doing in the community … affordable housing … everything they do is just so wonderful that we would encourage people to do it.”

Her husband Phil agrees. “A planned gift gives an organization a much longer horizon and not working just day to day to get pledges and donations in. So a planned gift helps them plan … helps them have stability.”

Phil was born and raised and has lived most of his life in Lancaster County. He is president of B&F Properties and has been a member of Tabor’s Board of Directors since 2008. He also served on the Beth Shalom Fundraising Committee from 2009 to 2014. Pati helps with the Tabor and Beth Shalom annual events by donating many of the items included in the silent auctions. “I like to be involved in whatever my husband is involved in, so it just seemed natural for me to get involved in the auctions,” she explains. She also enjoys attending the banquets and hearing the personal stories of people that have benefited from Tabor's programs. “It really is an inspirational evening for us.”

Phil and Pati became part of the 50 for 50 campaign by bequeathing money to Tabor because they feel the importance of the work that Tabor does in the community. They want that work to continue when they are no longer here. “We’ve been supporters for a while and thought a planned gift would just complete that,” Phil says.

“Tabor makes it easy to do a planned gift,” he continues. “They have a couple of organizations that will give you professional advice, and pretty much any type of planned gift is available. And professional planning is available so it is an easy process.

“Tabor helps thousands of people a year. They are one of, if not the, lead organizations in housing all different levels for the county, and we hope that our gift, along with the other gifts in the campaign, will help those programs have longevity.”

“Tabor does so many things for the community,” Pati says. “The word ‘Tabor’ doesn’t describe what it does in the community, so I encourage people to go on their website, look at a brochure, because it’s multifaceted. It seems in so many areas it can help people with needs. One of my favorite stories about Tabor: I was in a store buying things for the auction, and I was telling the lady who was checking me out, ‘I’m buying these for the Tabor auction. Are you familiar with Tabor?’ And she said, ‘I love Tabor. That’s how I bought my first home.’ And I thought, ‘Here’s a person who was probably making minimum wage and she was able to have affordable housing thanks to Tabor.’”

As a member of Tabor’s board, Phil sees how hard the board and staff at Tabor work to raise funding. And he says, “The 50 for 50 campaign is a way to have not a piecemeal approach, but a pretty significant approach with 50 bequests and probably more, and we see that as good momentum for the organization.”

Phil also spoke about the challenge of raising money specifically for Beth Shalom: “It’s a unique organization. It’s the only program that Tabor has that does have a faith based component because it’s recognized that without the support of some faith based group, that these women have a much greater challenge of not ending up back in prison. The requirement of the program is that they find a church to attend. For that reason, we cannot get any government funds or grants and it is entirely supported by donations from the community and the community has been super at supporting that effort with money and a lot of volunteer hours.

Making a donation to Tabor can be one of life’s greatest joys. By planning your charitable giving, you can make your dollars go further than they would by simply writing a check. If you would like to discuss a planned giving option or want a personal visit please contact Phyllis Stacks, Vice President for Development, Tabor Community Services or e-mail at pstacks@tabornet.org or calling (717) 358-9383.

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