Learning to live again

Barbara is a single mother who after two years of sobriety, relapsed. Subsequently she was charged with drug possession and was sentenced to 3 months in Lancaster County Prison. During that time her daughter Izabella was taken from her and put in custody of Children & Youth Services. Barbara’s parents are now fostering Izabella. She has visitation with Izabella once a week, and because of the goals she has reached believes she will soon have more frequent visitations.

Before leaving Lancaster County Prison, Barbara was interviewed by Lenara from Tabor to learn if she would be a candidate for the Beth Shalom program. However, she decided to leave Lancaster and join her boyfriend in Chester County. After one month she returned to Lancaster, got in touch with Lenara and joined the Beth Shalom program.

Barbara moved into her apartment at Beth Shalom the last week in November, and sadly her boyfriend died in December. But with the help of Beth Shalom and her recovery programs she is finding herself and regaining self-esteem one day at a time. She attends Bible study every Monday night and Beth Shalom gives her structure that she will take with her when she is no longer in the program.

Her biggest obstacle she says is herself. “I am my own worst enemy sometimes”. Beth Shalom and Lenara, her case manager and her recovery programs are all helping her go through the process of becoming more self-sufficient and to have hope and continue growing in her relationship with her higher power, God. She likes the Christian aspect of Beth Shalom and feels that God led her to Beth Shalom to provide her with all she needs for her recovery.

Her goals for the future are remaining sober, keeping God in her life and regaining custody of Izabella. She wants Izabella to be a happy child and experience the childhood happiness that she did not have.

Her advice to others in the situation she was in is “Don’t give up. With programs like Beth Shalom you can succeed. The best thing about Beth Shalom is when I come home, I feel safe. I would encourage others needing help as I did to contact Tabor.”

To the supporters of Beth Shalom, Barbara said “thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without Tabor and the Beth Shalom program”.

Please remember Barbara and her family in your prayers as she continues her journey in life with the help of Beth Shalom.

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