Continuing the legacy

As a counselor for Family Service in Lancaster, Dennis Clemmer admired Tabor from a distance and always thought highly of the organization. When he left Family Service and joined North Group Consultants, Dennis inquired about serving on Tabor’s Board of Directors. He was invited to join and served as a member of the board for 9 years, the last two as chair. “It was during this time,” says Dennis, “that I became convinced that this was a worthwhile organization that I wanted to support financially.”

After joining the board, Dennis attended many of the Annual Banquets, often inviting guests to hear about Tabor. It was these banquets that helped Dennis understand the actual benefit of Tabor’s work ... hearing firsthand the stories of clients that were helped by the services that Tabor provides.

When Dennis and his wife Fern were making plans for their estate, they decided to put Tabor in their will. But they wanted to include their children and their husbands in the conversation about their long term plans so they would know ahead of time how the estate would be distributed. These discussions led to one of their daughters becoming interested in Tabor and she has since set up meetings with some of the leaders at Tabor to learn more about the organization. Dennis is pleased to know that with his daughter becoming a supporter of Tabor, his and Fern’s legacy of support will continue within the family after they are gone.

Dennis has plenty to say to someone considering a planned gift to Tabor, “They couldn’t choose a better organization. It has a sound organizational structure. It has an extremely competent board with good leadership and that leadership pervades the entire organization. Their money will be spent wisely. There’s not a lot of excess spending. When I look at those factors, it’s very easy for me to recommend to friends that they give to Tabor.

“I hope the services that are in place now will continue long term. Helping individuals that don’t have permanent housing find stable, permanent housing. The money can also be used to help people to learn how to more prudently manage their money and spend it wisely once they are able to acquire housing.”

While Dennis generously agreed to speak to us about his gift to Tabor, he was reluctant to talk about himself, “I’d rather [the spotlight] be shown on the organization and what it provides in the community and the people that benefit from it. I’m delighted to support and be part of the Grace Wenger Society. Grace set a great example getting this whole thing started 50 years ago and I would love to see her legacy continue well into the future.

“Tabor’s 50 for 50 campaign is a great way for the organization to perpetuate itself long term. When an organization is funded year to year, you are always at the whims of government money and you’re never sure how that tide is going to turn. So for the community to come forward and support Tabor by giving legacy gifts, this will help Tabor be sustainable well into the future.”

Making a donation to Tabor can be one of life’s greatest joys. By planning your charitable giving, you can make your dollars go further than they would by simply writing a check. If you would like to discuss a planned giving option or want a personal visit please contact Phyllis Stacks, Vice President for Development, Tabor Community Services or e-mail at or calling (717) 358-9383.

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