Hope fulfilled

Gina and her 16 year-old daughter were staying at a local shelter. Their rapid re-housing program referred her to Tabor’s Community Housing Solutions program (CHS), where she met with Andrea, one of the Housing Location Specialists.

“Andrea was very good,” recalls Gina. “She was quick and she knew what she was doing. She made me feel comfortable. She didn’t look down on me.”

Andrea helped Gina obtain her credit score and a background check. They prepared a budget together. Later, Gina emailed Andrea information on 8 apartments she was interested in and they applied for three of them.

Normally Andrea has clients call the landlord, but since Gina experiences extreme anxiety, Andrea called the landlords for her, sometimes with Gina there on speaker phone. Andrea took her to see two apartments and helped her talk to the landlords. Gina says, “That would have been hard on my own since I don’t have transportation. And she didn’t just drop me off … she sat waiting with me.

“Andrea was so nice to my daughter. She was just so easy to talk to. She is very, very good with people. She keeps everything private. I could trust her. I got comfortable with her very quickly and that’s hard for me to do. She just made me feel welcome. I could vent to her. She always gave me positive feedback. Whoever she works for, she is worth it. She is a very good person.”

Gina was approved for an apartment three days after applying, signed a lease two days after that and moved in. “Gina’s daughter was very helpful in looking for apartments. She’s a great kid.” says Andrea.

“[It seemed] as soon as I got hooked up with Tabor, I was out [of the shelter],” says Gina. “Coming here was my hope. I knew we were going to be okay, because of Andrea’s can do attitude.”

Gina had been thinking about taking EMT classes, when she realized the school that offers classes in the evening is close to her apartment. She talked to an administrator at the school and plans to start classes in January.

She hopes her daughter goes to college. “She’s been thinking about law,” Gina says. “Even when she was little, she said she wanted to be a judge. And she loves photography. I hope she fulfills her dreams and is happy.”

Gina remarks on the impact that Tabor has on the community, “Almost everyone I meet that has worked with Tabor has been helped. Tabor is a huge help for so many different people in so many different situations. What I learned here I pass onto others. Tabor is indirectly helping other people when their clients pass on what they learned at Tabor to someone else.”

Gina is grateful to the donors whose monetary gifts allow Tabor to help people in her situation. “Whoever donates to anywhere,” she believes, “that is a very selfless act. You take whatever it is from yourself and you give it to people you don’t even know. You want to make sure you’ve put it in the right place … it shouldn’t be a hand out, but a hand up. Tabor will do the right things with that gift.”

Your gift to Tabor today will help others like Gina and her daughter leave the shelter system and move into permanent housing. Donate to Tabor online or by mailing a check to Tabor, PO Box 1676, Lancaster, PA 17608-1676.

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