Program Spotlight - Rapid Re-housing/STIL

The Shelter to Independent Living Program (STIL) helps individuals, couples and families experiencing homelessness to find and maintain permanent housing and become self-sufficient through counseling, education and goal setting. The program provides advocacy, support and accountability to empower participants with the skills and disciplines necessary to achieve stability and to prevent a return to homelessness. STIL is one of the first programs in the US to pioneer the “Rapid Re-housing” (also known as “Housing First”) approach, which places first priority on getting those experiencing homelessness into a decent and permanent place to live and then helping them resolve the issues that led to their homelessness. Rapid re-housing has become a proven, successful strategy now widely used by communities working to end homelessness. A referral from CHART (Community Homeless Assessment and Referral Team) is required for the STIL program.

The goals of the program are for clients:

· to find safe, affordable housing;

· to receive housing supportive services case management after entering housing to help them maintain leases & keep expenses paid on time;

· to learn the needed skills to take charge of money, save for future goals, reduce debt and improve credit.

During the program, clients will receive:

· Education on rights & responsibilities as a tenant.

· Budget counseling & protective payee services to help manage money.

· Case management to help clients define individual goals for self-sufficiency & provide referrals when needed.

The STIL program staff are very excited to be adding an additional case manager to the staff in the next few weeks!

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