Other Ways to Help

  • Become a Partnering Landlord - The valuable housing and budget services we
    provide not only help landlords find tenants for units, but also in maintaining 
    long-term, successful tenants.

  • Fundraising (see below) - Great for students and group projects!

  • In-Kind Gifts - Tabor accepts many in-kind gifts (donations of items).

  • Refer someone to Tabor - If you know someone with a housing or financial difficulty, or someone looking for volunteer opportunities, give them our phone number and we'll direct them to the right program.

  • Employment Opportunities - If you would like to help Tabor in a way that may not be considered volunteering or giving, we'd like to hear from you. Write us an email at pstacks@tabornet.org and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your support!

  • eBay for CharityAre you an eBay Seller? If so, you can donate between 10-100% of your auction sales to Tabor Community Services through eBay for Charity. Click here for more information and list your item for Tabor today!


Fundraising Ideas

  • Silent or Live Auction

  • Garage Sale

  • Ask popular restaurants and recreation places donate portion of sales to Tabor

  • Selling Tabor greeting cards

  • 5K Race

  • Flower Sales

  • Have an idea not listed here? Suggest it to us!


Fundraising Ideas for Students

We recognize that students have opportunities to help in unique and innovative ways. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Student Concert donates a portion of its proceeds to Tabor

  • Battle of the Bands/Music Fest

  • Rock/Dance/Walk-A-Thon

  • Carnival

  • Car Wash

  • Wristband Fundraiser

  • Magazine Fundraiser

  • Mural

  • Pasta Dinner

  • Popular Student Restaurants and Recreation places donate portion of sales to Tabor

  • Hot Chocolate stands over the winter months

  • Popsicle stands over the warmer months

  • College Pizza Fundraiser - Card to buy one, get one free. Card costs $10

  • Food & Candy Sales - gourmet lollipops; beef jerky; themed popcorn; Crayola Cooking Kit - brownies, smores, etc.

  • Discount Cards to local stores and restaurants

  • Nintendo Tournament

  • Powder Puff Tournament

  • Dodgeball/Kickball Tournament

  • Have an idea not listed here? Suggest it to us!