This year, we are challenging you to take charge by setting up your own Camp Out for Homelessness in your own space as fundraising champions for Tabor, or LHOP during the ExtraGive.

Plans had to change for our 2020 Camp Out for Homelessness.

Register by November 15

As moratoriums are lifted, it is projected that 30-40 million Americans will be at risk of eviction in the next several months. We all know someone or have been personally affected by the financial impact of COVID-19. We are potentially facing a housing crisis on a scale that we have never seen or experienced in our lifetime. Your support and advocacy for the work that Tabor does is now more important than ever.


Tabor continues to play a critical role supporting individuals, families, and veterans in our community as they overcome challenges related to homelessness, financial stability, homeownership, and so much more. Today, Tabor is playing a major role in Lancaster County’s Eviction Prevention Network.


As a fundraising champion through the ExtraGive participating in the 2020 Host Your Own Camp Out for Homelessness, you will make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors as they put in the hard work to get back on their feet as they overcome these unprecedented challenges.

I'm in, what do I do now?

1. Click to Register to let us know that you are planning to Camp Out to fight homelessness in Lancaster County. (After you register, instructions on how to set up your Fundraising Champion page and a communication guide and plan will be sent to you)

2. Click to download the Camp Out Booklet

3. Plan your Camp Out activities as well as where you plan to spend the night. Use the suggestions below as a general guide.

4. Create your personalized Fundraising Champion page.

5. Personalize and Promote your Fundraising Champion page. Share it with your friends, family, and colleagues so they know that you are participating in the Camp Out to fundraise to fight homelessness through the ExtraGive on 11.20.20.

6. On 11.20.20, share, share, share that you are participating in your Camp Out for Homelessness to raise funds to support individuals, families, and veterans experiecing homelessness in Lancaster County!

Our Camp Out Live Stream Program is on Friday, 11.20.20 at 5:30 PM and features a message from Mike McKenna (Tabor's Presdient) and Shelby Nauman (LHOP's Interim CEO/COO), Brian Roche of WGAL as our emcee for the night, stories from three former participants in our TLC/Veterans' Victory House program, and music by Matt Wheeler & The Vintage Heart.

Livestream Program

How to watch

Planning your Camp Out

Decide where you are going to Camp Out This can be in your backyard or your porch. If you want to participate but cannot due to the cold weather, you can Camp Out in your living room.

Make sure to set a reminder for our livestream! 


Watch a documentary or film - here are some suggestions that you can find on Youtube and multiple streaming platforms

ON THE STREETS Los Angeles (1 hr 11 min)

Searching for Hope: Homelessness in Sacramento (26 min)

"Shelter" VICE Documentary (1 hr 20 min | for mature audiences)

Invisible People 

• The Lady in the Van (105 m | PG-13)

• Pursuit of Happyness (1h 57min | PG-13)

• The Soloist (117 m | PG-13)

• Same Kind of Different As Me (119 m | PG-13)

Do some reading: click the links

National Alliance to End Homelessness

United States Interagency Council On Homelessness

2019 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress

National Center for Homeless Education (Pennsylvania) 

Challenge yourself: This can look different for everyone. You might choose to:

• Limit access indoors, spend most of your time outside

• Limit your food budget/access to warm food

• Limit your access to technology (except for fundraising)

• Use found materials to create a shelter​

Fundraise through the ExtraGive As an advocate and Fundraising Champion for Tabor, you will make a real difference in the lives of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Lancaster County. As you are out in the cold, post on social media, give your friends and family a phone call, and send out some emails letting people know that they can support individuals experiencing homelessness in Lancaster County through your efforts!

Reflect As you experience the elements and you don't have the normal comforts of home, take some time to reflect and be thankful for what you have. Make plans for how you can help others who may not be as fortunate after the Camp Out is complete.

Finish your night by camping outside.

Keep your safety a priority!

• Avoid sleeping in a vehicle, especially one that is running

• Avoid garages where vehicles are running

• Make sure that where you are camping is safe and that you either own or have permission from the owner to camp there

• Make sure that you are well equipped for adverse weather conditions

• If multiple people are participating at your site who don’t live in the same household, take appropriate health precautions (wear masks, maintain social distancing)

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