Beth Shalom F.A.Q.

  1. Are male visitors allowed in the building?

    No male visitors over the age of 10 allowed in the building including male family members

  2. What is Protective Payee Program?

    Clients usually consist of persons with poor credit ratings &/or recipients of public assistance funds, low-income individuals, and persons with disabilities, which makes them high-risk tenants for property owners. The protective payee program will assist clients as they attempt to improve their credit records & find affordable housing by overseeing the expense of their incomes & providing some assurances to property owners that their rent will arrive in a timely manner.

  3. Is the Protective Payee Program a requirement to enter the program?

    Yes, the Protective Payee Service benefits the applicant in maintaining recovery, developing positive budgeting skills and obtaining housing. When the applicant enters the program, they will be required to have intensive budget accountability through this service so they can save money to obtain housing quickly. The minimum time in the Protective Payee Program is six months and maximum time is one year or upon exiting Beth Shalom Program.

  4. Does Beth Shalom program provide Section 8 voucher?

    NO. The Lancaster City and County housing authority provides Section 8 vouchers.

  5. Does Beth Shalom provide rental assistance?

    Yes; while living at Beth Shalom the participant pays 30% of her income.

  6. How long can a resident of Beth Shalom reside there?

    Each resident receives a housing assessment upon entry. The assessment will determine the length of stay at Beth Shalom.

  7. What kind of activities must a resident of Beth Shalom participate in?

    Christian discipleship & Life skill classes, house meetings, a place of worship, and other social interactive activities.

  8. As a resident of Beth Shalom, would I be required to go to NA/AA meeting and have a sponsor?

    Yes, if this is a requirement based on your recommendation for probation and parole.