Serendipity – that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about happy coincidences touching our Beth Shalom House of Peace community. Tabor has been working on a new strategic plan since the spring. We’re taking the time for the first time in three years to examine the big questions around who we serve, how we serve them, and how we can best continue to meet the community’s needs in the future. The process has been invigorating, and later this fall we’ll be ready to unveil a new three-year plan! As part of the process, we’ve been hosting workshops that bring together staff, board members, and community partners. During one of these workshops we were asked to explore one of our participan

A Brighter Future

Earlier this year, Nicole was arrested and spent four months in prison. Her father had recently passed away, and she admittedly didn’t make the best decisions. Fortunately, a chaplain at Lancaster County Prison recommended Beth Shalom to her, thinking that it would be a good fit and beneficial for both her and her children’s futures. Nicole applied, was accepted, and upon her release, moved into Beth Shalom. Today, Nicole is willing to do whatever she can to provide a better life for her children. Not having her children with her every day has been exceptionally difficult, but fortunately, she is able to regularly see them and is working hard to be permanently reunited with them. Nicole sees

"and that's ok!"

It’s funny how parenthood changes you. You look at things like the moon or a lightning bug with fresh eyes. You’re completely unfazed when you pull into work and discover you’ve got spit up on your button down and yogurt prints on your khakis. And what passes as pop culture in your world seriously shifts. I can’t tell you how many times I find myself humming a tune from my daughter’s favorite show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, instead of whatever is hot on the top 40 list. Daniel Tiger and his pals often sing little lessons about how they’re feeling. One of my daughter’s current favorites is “sometimes you have two feelings at the same time and that’s ok,” or as she likes to say it, “Sooomet

Housing Location Specialist

Andrea Grill has served as a Housing Location Specialist with the Community Housing Solutions (CHS) program, which is a program of the Lancaster County Homelessness Coalition, operated by Tabor Community Services. “As a Housing Location Specialist, I have the opportunity to work closely with individuals and families seeking housing, and with landlords and property managers. Experiencing the process from both sides makes my position unique and exciting. Clients come to me with few to many housing challenges; no client’s story is the same. Upon meeting with a client/family the first time, I gather information through conversations with them. I seek to understand the whole picture, including re

Together As A Family

Last year, Corinne and her family were living in an apartment that was owned by a family friend. Their friend had asked them if they could pay ahead. Trusting a person they knew, and being in a good financial position, they paid four months’ rent, totaling around $6,000, which included all of their utilities. They quickly realized that something was wrong when their power went out. What they didn’t know was that their ‘friend’ wasn’t paying the utilities or mortgage, and the home they were renting was foreclosed on. To make their situation more difficult, Corinne’s grandfather had just passed away. She recounts, “I brought his suit to the funeral home and when I got back, people were standin

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