A Graceful Gift

Dan Hess, currently President of Tabor’s Board of Directors, has been a Board Member since 2008. When Tabor proposed the 50 for 50 campaign to obtain 50 committed planned gifts before Tabor’s 50th anniversary in 2018, Dan and his wife Evanna thought it was a very good idea. They especially liked having those who committed to a planned gift become members of the Grace Wenger Society. Dan says, ‘This campaign is a great way to invite people in. It respects a history of successful and trustworthy contribution to the community. It’s a great package.” Dan and Evanna decided to become members of the Grace Wenger Society by making Tabor a beneficiary in their will. “It was a no brainer for us,” say

Accepting help

Reina is a 27-year-old single mother of four, three daughters and one son, Angel who is six years old. Reina spent 11 months in prison for selling drugs. While she was incarcerated, her parents took care of her daughters, but Angel was put in foster care by Children and Youth Services. When she was released from prison and needed housing, an alternative case worker who was working to reunite Reina with Angel referred Reina to Lenara, Tabor’s Beth Shalom Program Coordinator. With Lenara’s assistance, Reina enrolled in Beth Shalom. She moved into her apartment on February 19. On February 21 she appeared in court. Because she had housing, she was able to reunite with her three daughters. She cu

Following the plan

Max lives in Ephrata and heard about Tabor’s financial counseling services through the Ephrata Mennonite Credit Union (now Everence). He was working two part-time jobs and one full-time job, but still had nothing to show for it. “I always had an income, but I didn’t know how to spend it or plan to make it work for me. It was ‘easy come, easy go’ “. He was very reluctant to attend the classes because “I didn’t need anyone to tell me how to spend my money”. However, the classes had flexible daytime and evening hours, so he decided to attend. He attended all five classes, and even though he kept receipts and documented his spending, his input was still not equal to his output. In Max’s words, “

Program Spotlight - CHART

CHART (Community Homeless Assessment and Referral Team) Launched in 2013, CHART is a service of the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness (LCCEH) that is operated by Tabor. It is Lancaster County’s coordinated assessment system that provides access to the LCCEH continuum of services for those experiencing homelessness or about to lose their housing. In other words, CHART is the ‘front door’ entrance to the homeless services system for all communities in Lancaster County, PA. The United Way’s 2-1-1 Call Center provides pre-screening by telephone and makes referrals refers those meeting the criteria to CHART. Those referred are contacted by a CHART staff member, usually in less than 2

Making Lancaster a better place

Daphne Messersmith was involved in ministry in Lancaster City trying to address housing needs in the community. Under the leadership of Father Pete Greenfield, rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church on West Chestnut Street, the church did some work with Harb Adult (now a program of Tabor, TLC), which was just starting out. As she grew older, Daphne realized she wanted to use her resources in a thoughtful way. She made a commitment to give a certain amount to Tabor every year. She sees providing a planned gift to Tabor as an extension of that commitment. “My husband [Ed] and I are downsizing, getting rid of a lot of stuff, and we are putting our wills together,” Daphne explains. “We wanted to

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