To Reach Their Goal

Derrick and Jamie just needed the opportunity to get back on their feet. Despite Derrick having a job, sometimes it was difficult to make ends meet. At one point, the only housing option that was available to them was paying a weekly rate in a hotel, which hardly left anything for themselves, their four children, or any type of permanent housing. As this cycle continued, Jamie remarked, “we just were trying to play catch-up, and he (Derrick) had lost his job, and we ended up not being able to … so we ended up homeless.” Facing this difficult situation and having no other alternatives, they called 2-1-1 and were temporarily placed in a hotel. During this time, they met with Doug and Wendi at

Looking back … looking ahead

Dana started using pills and marijuana at age 11, eventually using heroin and crack cocaine. At sixteen she was stealing to support her habit. At nineteen, she went into rehab and then a half-way house. She got pregnant, turned herself in for a violation, served time in jail, went to rehab, had her son and stayed clean for a year and a half. Then she relapsed and lost her oldest son … served time in jail … moved in with her father … got her son back and lived 5 years clean. During this time she had another son. Then she relapsed and the now familiar cycle started all over again. We first spoke with Dana in 2011, when she had been in the Beth Shalom program for two months. In Beth Shalom’s Bi

Tabor launches 50 for 50 campaign

In May, 2018 Tabor Community Services will celebrate 50 years of serving the Lancaster County community. Established in 1968, Tabor now helps over 4,600 clients annually to meet their housing and financial challenges and learn to help themselves. To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Tabor has launched the 50 for 50 Campaign: Ensuring Tabor’s Future to secure at least 50 planned gifts by the anniversary date. “We have already received 26 pledges,” reports Tabor President Bob Thomas. Reaching the 50 gifts goal, he adds, “will be a testament to the enduring power and continuing relevance of Tabor’s mission, its ability to adapt to changing times and needs, the dedication of its staff and the fait

You Work Hard for Your Paycheck, Don’t Let a Scam Artist Cheat You Out of it

Fraud is big business through out America and abroad. Each year the number of complaints and dollars lost continue to rise, even as we have become more and more aware of its existence. According to the 2016 Identity Fraud Study, $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015. That is just what was reported to the Federal Trade Commission in relation to identity theft and similar fraud. There are still other types of fraud perpetrated that have not been considered in this figure such as cybercrime, healthcare, insurance, welfare, and investment just to name a few. We want you to remain diligent and informed. This plague can reach most any household. Here a few current schemes

A win-win-win!

Anna Rose Schannauer can’t remember exactly when she started volunteering for Tabor, but it’s been over a dozen years. She has helped prepare newsletter and annual appeal mailings, worked on events and held Bible studies for the women of Beth Shalom. We’ve always known her as Anna Rose. She was named for her father’s sister, Anna, and her mother’s sister, Rosa. Neither of them had children, so when her parents passed, she became their caretaker, taking care of their bills for them. But her high school and college friends only knew her as “Diffy.” “My maiden name is Diffenbaugh,” she explains. “As a child I called my father Dee-dee, so that became my nickname and eventually it became “Diffy.”

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