Tabor's Home Fund

• How do we turn $80,000 into $160,000?

• How do we add new funding to Tabor’s programs?

• How do we increase the stock of affordable housing?

• How do we reach new supporters for Tabor’s programs?


All these questions have been answered by our successful campaign for Tabor’s Home Fund, a revolving fund providing working capital to acquire, renovate and sell residential properties in Lancaster County.


It all started with our search for a self-sustaining enterprise that would generate additional revenue for Tabor’s programs. At the same time, we had a house that had been donated to us for sale, but could use some work. Do we sell the house as is or refurbish it? Board member, Phil Frey of B&F Partners volunteered his time and crew and rallied many other suppliers to volunteer their time and materials on renovating the house so that Tabor would reap a higher return from the sale.


Then Phil offered that he would be willing to do the same on other properties. This would be a great enterprise that harks back to Tabor’s roots. All we needed was the initial investment funding to make the first purchases of houses to renovate and sell.

Enter Lancaster County Community Foundation. LCCF was offering a dollar-for-dollar, sustainability matching grant to area non-profits. Tabor applied for the grant and on July 27, 2010, was awarded as much as $80,000 in matching funds for whatever was raised by July 29, 2011.


Great! Now, how do we raise $80,000 in just one year? We hoped to get new supporters involved so that we would not have to go to our same pool of loyal and generous donors who give in so many other ways.


Our Board was on board and generously pledged to help get the fund started. Then they were asked to reach out to people who have never given to Tabor before and were successful in bringing in a total of 92 new donors!


We are pleased to announce that Tabor raised the $80,000 before July 29th and with an additional $4,176, has a total of $164,176 in Tabor’s Home Fund. Thank you to Lancaster County Community Foundation, Tabor’s Board of Directors and our 92 new donors!

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