Housing First for Homeless

Many of Tabor's programs are focused on moving clients into or maintaining permanent housing. After clients find permanent housing, other services at Tabor can help ensure that they keep their housing and become financially stable. Read about the "Housing First" focus of each of these programs & services below.


  • From Homelessness to Permanent Housing:

    • Shelter to Independent Living Program (STIL) carries out the "Housing First" philosophy by assisting families experiencing homelessness to find permanent housing within 3 months of being referred to the program. After housing placement receive housing and budget counseling, case management, and advocacy to obtain long-term self-sufficiency. 

    • Mental Health Housing - PATH Program provides budget and housing counseling to families and individuals who have a mental health diagnosis and are either experiencing homelessness or at a great risk of homelessness and assists them in obtaining and/or maintaining permanent housing.

    • Market View Apartments is permanent, supportive housing for individuals and families with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness. This program is a "Housing First" solution to end homelessness by providing permanent housing coupled with on-site supportive services, including housing & budget counseling, to empower and equip tenants with the skills and disciplines necessary for long-term self-sufficiency.

    • Hearthside is a permanent supportive housing program which serves families who: 1) are experiencing homelessness; 2) have one family member living with a disability; and 3) have at least one school-aged child. One of the goals of the program is to ensure that children are enrolled in school and achieving academic success by helping the family to maintain stable housing. 



  • Short-Term Transitional Housing:

    • Beth Shalom "House of Peace" Program provides short term transitional housing and supportive services for women leaving prison and allows them to reunite with their children and develop an understanding of living life according to biblical standards. The "Housing First" concept is introduced upon entry into the program to develop a plan to attain permanent housing when unity with children and the ability to sustain successful living skills that would prevent recidivism are achieved.

    • TLC provides housing and support to those experiencing homelessness. The "Housing First" focus of the TLC program is to end the cycle of homelessness and each household must be committed to the goal of finding permanent housing upon enrollment into the program.


Partnering Landlord Information 
The valuable housing and budget counseling services we provide not only help landlords find tenants for units, but also to maintain long-term, successful tenants. Click on the link for more information, to sign up, or to edit your listings!

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