Financial Literacy & Housing Education

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Educational Opportunities at Tabor Community Services

Through forty years of experience working with the community, Tabor Community Services knows that education is often the best way to address financial and economic difficulties - even before they start. Tabor offers monthly on-site workshops through the Financial Literacy Workshop Series, that are both free and open to the public. Through Tabor's Traveling Workshop Program and Traveling Workshops for Youth, area churches, schools, organizations can also schedule classes for members, students and parents, clients, and employees at their facilities.

Workshops Highlights

Tabor Community Services is now offering free financial literacy workshops on budgeting, savings, banking, credit, and borrowing every month!

Tabor encourages everyone to attend these free workshops, especially those who are just starting out and are new to finances, have had past budgeting, credit, or debt management problems, or those who have or are seeking to purchase or refinance a home.

In addition to the monthly Financial Literacy Workshop Series, Tabor offers numerous specialty workshops throughout the year, covering a range of financial literacy and housing education topics not discussed in the regularly scheduled workshops. Read more about each of the workshops Tabor offers through the links above.

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