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Main Phone Line
(717) 397-5182

Street Address
308 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

Mailing Address
PO Box 1676
Lancaster, PA 17608-1676

Tabor Directory



  • Financial & Homeownership Services:

    Financial & Homeownership Services:
  • Contact: (717) 397-5182 option 7
    Assists with the development of plans to manage household finances and when appropriate can set up debt repayment plans. No qualifications and no fee for counseling. Provides budget workshops. Payments in the amount of $50 for start-up and $15-35 monthly apply for debt repayment plans.

  • See webpage to register for a workshop
    Tabor offers both free, on-site workshops available to the public, as well as Traveling Financial Literacy, Housing, and Youth workshops, available to area churches, organizations, and businesses.

  • Contact: (717) 358-9386
    Provides families with one-on-one counseling to identify the steps they need to take to become homebuyer ready and gain mortgage approval. Provides support throughout the home purchase process. Income limits apply. No fees.

  • Contact: (717) 358-9386
    Dollar for dollar matches on money saved when used to purchase set assets including: home purchase/improvements, business start-up, first time vehicle, or education for child or self. Income requirements and limited availability. Please call for eligibility.

  • Contact: (717) 397-5182 ext 122
    Helps families in danger of foreclosure. Any persons in danger of losing the primary residence that they own qualify. No fees.

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  • Homeless & Rental Counseling:

    Homeless & Rental Counseling:
  • Contact: United Way (717) 291-5462
    Helping persons experiencing homelessness to obtain and maintain independent housing. Must be homeless according to HUD guidelines and referred by a shelter case worker. No Fees.

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  • Supportive Housing:

    Supportive Housing:
  • • Contact: (717) 358-9376
    A Christian based transitional housing program for single mothers leaving prison, or who have been released from prison within the last six months, where they can reunite with their children. Monthly program fee is based on 30% of their income. Referrals must be from Lancaster County and are accepted from the Lancaster County Prison Chaplain, and other social service agencies in the community.

  • Contact: (717) 358-9376
    A transitional housing program for women who have children and no place to go after completing a residential treatment program for substance abuse. Monthly program fee is based on 30% of their income. Must meet HUD definition of homelessness and be in recovery. Referrals must be from Lancaster County and are accepted from their drug and alcohol treatment program and other social service agencies in the community.

  • Contact: (717) 358-9376
    Permanent, supportive housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness and are disabled. Must meet HUD definition of homelessness and have a disabling condition verified by a physician. Tenants will have a traditional lease agreement through Project Based Section 8, paying 30% of their income for rent. Residents are active members of the community, participating in volunteer service or employment for 20 hours per week. Market View has a focus on self-sufficiency through community building.

  • Contact: (717) 397-0156
    51 unit, short-term interim housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Populations served include 17 rooms for Veterans, folks coming direclty from prison through the RMO, Emergency shelter for families and those who have been referred or attended orientation. The priority and focus is obtaining permanent housing through an emphasis on budgeting and education. Residents attend a variety of Life Skills classes, including Budgeting, Parenting and Landlord/Tenant Representation. Average length of stay approximately 3-5 months.

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  • Community Development Programs:

    Community Development Programs:

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